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Preparedness – Safeguard measures to prevent crime

  • Check the facility along with the facility manager and personnel manager of all places in the facilities which are vulnerable and likely entry points for burglars.
  • Recommend safety measures like steel meshing, doors reinforcing, grills, locking systems, reinforcing structural defects etc.


Preparedness and Measures to Tackle Labor Unrest

  • Labor unrest results from, disgruntlement, lack of communication, rivalry between unions, strict management, non settlement of pending grievances etc.
  • The management must keep a pulse on the labor activities and detect early warning signs of unrest.


Preliminary In-house Preparations to Combat Fire

  • Ensure adequate fire fighting equipment are installed at regular intervals in the facility.
  • Ensure the equipment to be used is easy to handle and not cumbersome in its operation.
  • Ensure the equipment is within easy reach and has been primed for usage.


About Us

Global Security Services, proud to stat that, the rich experience gleaned over years, has lead to successful establishment in the field of manpower consultant, pioneering efforts in the field have won the company rich accolades and prestigious contracts with leading multinational companies and corporates. Global Security Services can source and provide smart, savvy professionals across the spectrum of auxiliary requirements.

What We Do

Global Security Services stand ready to offer you consultancy & planning in order to workout appropriate and economical security arrangements for your specific needs & requirements. Our service will range from the basic regiments of watch and ward to highly trained, skilled and educated special guard corps, who can handle protocol, patrols as well as gate security. We assure you that, one guard will stand up to any situation and face them with efficient & confidence.

Quality Guaranteed

Our supervisors and field officers, majority of whom have meritoriously served in the Army, will definitely prove to be workaholic, will supervise this respective areas to get the best results. Thus experienced personnel are vetted by HR team and will be positioned in your facility on your approval and satisfaction only. GSS conforms to all Governmental norms, including regulations regarding minimum wages and applicable DA rates, stipulated contributions of ESI/PF and other statutory payments.

Where To Find Us

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